Sensorial expertise is an innovative science dedicated to pleasure and excellence. It is, today, a unique tool embracing the 5 senses (sight, touch, hearing (crispiness/crunchiness), smell and taste), used for portraying, for characterizing and for controlling all the organoleptic properties of the products. For this reason Valrhona has decided to integrate this science as an essential value in its enterprise; a science that is shared and used by everyone to have full mastery of taste at every moment. Valrhona has currently 15 in-house taste juries available, comprising 3 different levels of training (Consumers, Experienced and Experts), enabling the company to verify specific and strategic points daily. These different juries approach more than 170 people daily in their quest to check every single step in product manufacturing in the chocolate factory (primary material, packaging, beans, roasted nibs, liqueur, couvertures, ganaches, chocolate bonbons and other specific products such as pralines), and at the various stages in the product life cycle.Sensorial Expertise ensures Exception and emphasizes the authentic taste of Valrhona’s chocolates, forever distinguishable and just simply unique.

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