Paysan Breton

Proud of its regional roots and dairy heritage, and a solid supporter of the agricultural world through its cooperative commitments, Paysan Breton offers a wonderful range of honest and authentic products.

Paysan Breton, the flagship brand of the Laïta cooperative was founded over 40 years ago in the heart of the Finistère countryside, is proud of its Breton roots.

The brand values are expressed through its authentic products prepared using milk collected from farmers affiliated to Paysan Breton, the best recipes, and an operation founded on Cooperative principles. Its mission is the long term success of everyone involved in the north-west France dairy sector and realising value for the dairy expertise of producers over the long term.

Laïta is a cooperative dairy company created, owned and managed by and for farmers. The President and Executive Boards are all farmers. The cooperative governance system is built around a democratic approach. It is made up of members, not shareholders. The profits of the cooperative companies are shared out among the farmers and also invested back into production facilities and innovation.


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