We are an SME: a lively and committed family firm
Malongo is a family firm from the rural area of Nice. We produce 7,000 tons of coffee each year. Our quality ethics and the commitment of our personnel are the key to our success. Our unique quality culture is the basis for our values: preservation of the roasted coffee, respect for the men and women growing the plants, plus customer satisfaction. We track our coffee step by step, from the plantations to the cup.
We are the French specialist in luxury coffee
Malongo is the leading actor for fair trade coffees and bio-coffees. We obtained this status in 1992 with the pioneering commitment of our company. Our SME values: initiative, responsibility and solidarity are the source values for our dynamism and our creativity. Malongo is the creator of vacuum packed metal cans, single-origin coffees, and the 123 Spresso® coffee pod system.
We are present in the hotel and catering segments, in wholesale (large and medium-sized stores), and in exports via our Malongo Cafés, and finally via our on-line web shop.

We use slow, gradual, traditional roasting techniques
Malongo roasts all of its coffees using slow, gradual and traditional methods. Our brand offers a wide range of coffees, including both blends and single-origin types. We adapt their transformation and packaging to consumer habits: coffee beans, ground coffee, 123 Spresso® coffee pod system or freeze-dried coffee.


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