265 years of Taste, Tradition, and Heritage

Created in 1747 by Antoine Maille, La Maison Maille stepped into history when the refined recipes first caught the attention of King Louis XV of France, becoming his official supplier of vinegar and mustard. Soon other European Royal Courts, including those of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Hungary, followed suit and granted Maille this significant honor.

Over the centuries, Maille has become the standard for high-quality condiments, continuously putting creativity, tradition, and know-how in the service of culinary excellence.

La Maison Maille has always been the choice of discerning food lovers who consider eating one of life’s great pleasures. The bold coat-of-arms, the black and gold color theme, and the iconic glass and sandstone jars symbolize the loyalty evoked in the signature “Il n’y a que Maille qui m’aille”.  Translated as “Only Maille can make me smile”, this famous French advertising slogan is still heard today, more than 80 years after its creation.

With inspired savoir-faire, a quest for perfection and dedication to refinement, Maille has continued to uphold and reinvent traditions by exploring, selecting and combining only the finest ingredients. 265 years of heritage can be experienced by tasting Maille’s products, sold today in more than 80 countries around the world.

Today, La Maison Maille remains the ambassador of French culinary refinement.




The roots of Mustard

Mustard is an herbaceous annual plant that can grow to a height of three feet, of which there are about 40 varieties throughout the world. The Chinese are thought to have been the first to enjoy mustard some 3000 years ago, in its whole grain form. Since then, mustard has travelled throughout ages and cultures, from the Egyptians, to the Greeks, to the Romans, and into modern times. All around the World, mustard is the most popular condiment used to season foods, after salt and pepper.


What makes it Dijon mustard?

« Dijon » refers not only to a place where mustard is made, but also to a creation and production process. Traditionally, several factors contributed to Burgundy – the region surrounding Dijon, France – becoming a leading center for mustard production. There’s an abundance of vineyards, which provided for essential ingredients such as verjus, (the sweet-tart juice of unripened grapes) and wines; expansive forests used to produce charcoal with ash-rich soil ideal for mustard cultivation; and of course, the people of Burgundy themselves – the Dukes of Burgundy held in high esteem the culinary, digestive, and antiseptic qualities of mustard and vinegar, which they enjoyed at their sumptuous banquets.



La Maison Maille has an enduring legacy. Over the centuries, its traditions have become timeless; its creativity and savoir-faire are the foundations for culinary excellence. Every Maille recipe is conceived as a piece of culinary art, and crafted with the dedication of a master artisan.

Maille mustards are made using a special recipe and process whereby black or brown mustard grains are cut, not crushed, and then mixed with a secret blend of vinegar and white wine. Specialists continuously explore, select, and combine the finest ingredients, creating the richest flavors, and the best quality tastes and textures that can only result from centuries of expertise.

Maille cornichons are also produced according to time-honored French tradition. Hand picked, they are prepared immediately and packaged the same day, to ensure quality and freshness. Once weighed and packed, the cornichons are bathed in a warm, vinegar-based, aromatized recipe, which ensures their crunchy texture, delicious taste, and deep green color. A subtle mix of herbs and spices including tarragon, cloves, baby onions, and mustard seeds characterize their special taste. The tart, vinegary flavor may be surprising at first, but try them and you’ll love them!

At Maille, there is a belief that traditions have the power to bring the beauty of a meal to life. People, places, and know-how all contribute to crafting the delicious products that La Maison Maille has been producing for more than 265 years. By keeping these traditions alive, as well as inventing new ones, the company strives to preserve the excellence that defines Maille, for generations to come




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