Evian is the Pure Water from the French Alps: this Natural Mineral  Water comes from a single source located at the heart of the French Alps, protected under a geological fortress built up by glaciers 30,000 years ago. Each drop of evian travels through a natural purifying filter within the mountains for 15 years, before emerging at the spring in Evian-Les-Bains.

Untouched by man and free from pollution, the microbiological composition of evian water is perfectly sound, with a unique balance in minerals. It gently caresses the palate and enhances the flavors of fine dining food and delicate wines. That is why evian® is used as the benchmark by tasters.

Evian is everywhere: it is the world's best-selling water, available in 145 countries, and it enjoys an exceptional visibility thanks to world-class communications. For instance, the newly-released Baby & Me copy reached over 50 million views in only 4 weeks. The brand is also the official sponsor of major sports events (US Open, Wimbledon, evian Championship) and teams up with famous designers (20th year of Limited Editions).

Now evian comes with Badoit, its sparkling companion: appreciated for its unique taste and its abundance of tiny bubbles, this naturally sparkling water originated from Saint Galmier, France, is carried by the most renowned French fine dining restaurants.


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