Elle & Vire

Elle & Vire, a leading brand of cream-based dairy products

Our Norman roots are key to our dairy know-how – expertise that has been honed over more than 60 years. Although some products may no longer be manufactured in Normandy itself, their strict selection and development are a direct result of our experience and is in perfect harmony with our values.


Our products are developed with the help of professional chefs to ensure they meet the performance expectations of both pastry and kitchen chefs.


Our products are acclaimed and recognized for their organoleptic qualities that are very often judged to be of superior to rival products and in line with your needs.


The final consumer’s enjoyment of flavour, the pleasure of sharing, of communicating, of contributing to the development of culinary arts across the word, the pleasure of teaching and inspiring a desire to work with the very best products.


Spending time with chefs on a daily basis is important to us in terms of service, but also in terms of how we meet your expectations and your day-to-day professional needs.

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