Bongrain Group is a french based company world leader in Gourmet Cheese & Dairy and Fresh Surimi.

We can offer all kind of cheeses ...

• Soft Creamy, Brie, Camembert: Caprice des Dieux, Coeur de Lion,

Le Rustique, Gérard

• Fresh Cheeses: Tartare, Carré Frais

• Goat Cheeses: Chavroux

• Roquefort, Blue Cheeses: Papillon, Saint Agur, Bresse Bleu

• Specialty Cheeses & PDO: Saint Albray, Rambol, Fol Epi, Brie de Meaux, Fourme d’Ambert, Munster, Maroilles

• Kid Cheese & Cheese Cakes: P’tit Louis, Saint Amour

... and Seafood delights:

• Fresh Surimi & Seaspreads: Coraya

All products available weekly in UAE for retailers and food service through Greenhouse.





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