The Alsace wines are pleased to participate to this "Apéritif à la française” in Copenhagen. We are already well established in Denmark, but the place where the event takes place at Torvehallerne allows us to reach even more people likely to become passionate about the Alsace wines - especially now that summer is coming! Alsace wines are particularly suitable for cocktail hour. With their aromatic and refreshing style, it sharpens the appetite, and if ever the cocktail hour progresses into dinner, the Alsace wines accompany without any problem the dishes until the end - Skål!

In addition to our participation at Torvehallerne, we are also present in an action in restaurants in Copenhagen June 17 to 23. Though almost all restaurants of a certain level have Alsace wines on their wine list, we take advantage of "Apéritif à la française” to offer to clients in the restaurants a glass of Crémant d'Alsace - the perfect apéritif!


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