Reasonable consumption

The Apéritif à la française is not only a celebration of the products and flavours of the French countryside, but also and above all an ode to a lifestyle, a way of living in community that is embodied in a shared value, that of drinking responsibly. 

As alcohol abuse is harmful to your health, many countries promote responsible drinking.

A few tips for guaranteed fun:

  • At your aperitif, serve something to eat, or at least to nibble on, so your guests won’t be drinking on an empty stomach. Every so often, check to make sure that your guests have enough to eat.
  • Make sure to offer some soft drinks, juices and water to put your guests at ease.
  • Serve the drinks yourself instead of leaving bottles out for guests to serve themselves. Be careful with how much wine you pour.
  • For more peace of mind, plan an ending time for the party and stop serving alcohol well in advance. 
  • Organise carpools with designated drivers to ensure your friends get back home safely. And before they head out the door, offer your guests a nice hot cup of coffee.