In 2013, Apéritif à la française was celebrating its first decade of existence. 10 years, 10 major cities and a concept supported by 4 themes, illustrating various ways of life, locations, trends and regions, promoting the values of the French art of living.


The Bistro aperitif

This is the iconic mage of the bistro known and beloved all over the world. It showcases the typical romantic Parisian aperitif at a bistro table.

Le Grand Colbert - Paris 2 - © Daniela Jeremijevic

The Bohemian aperitif

The aperitif also means the art of improvising. Inventive and spontaneous, an aperitif can be enjoyed anywhere, with just a few simple ingredients prepared on the go.

Pont de la Tournelle - Paris 5 - © Daniela Jeremijevic

The Club aperitif

In a modern world, hip and bubbling with energy, the Club aperitif is the reflection of trendsetting France, that of the “French Touch”.

Bar 8 - Mandarin Oriental - Paris 1 - © Daniela Jeremijevic

The At Home aperitif

The traditional aperitif enjoyed at home is presented here with a family, Provence style atmosphere, emblematic of France’s diverse regions. It emphasizes the art of hospitality, good cheer and togetherness.

Villa du Plageron - le Rayol - Canadel sur Mer - © Daniela Jeremijevic